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Welcome to the dental office of Dr. Peter Diacoloukas. Dr. Diacoloukas is a restorative dentist that focuses on high-quality treatment. Using the latest dental technology and working with patients individually, Dr. Diacoloukas can provide treatment with lasting results in his Towson, MD, dental office. When consulting them about their treatment options, he considers each patient’s cosmetic goals and dental health needs. Dental patients can receive the proper care with their boutique dental practice and personalized treatment.

Towson, MD Dentist

Years of Restorative Experience

Dr. Diacoloukas works closely with Friendship Dental Lab, his family-owned laboratory. For over 50 years, Friendship Dental Lab has helped patients restore their smiles with veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, and other restorative and cosmetic treatments. Dr. Diacoloukas grew up working in Friendship Dental Lab alongside his father and brothers, becoming familiar with high-quality restorations. Because of this familial and professional connection, he has an in-depth understanding of what goes into dental restorations.  

Your Towson, MD Dental Office

Have you ever had a dental visit cut short because your dentist has their next patient coming in? Do you often feel rushed when you visit the dentist? You won’t experience that in our office. Visiting Dr. Diacoloukas is a concierge experience. Concierge dentistry focuses on the patient first. Once Dr. Diacoloukas knows your oral health needs and dental history, he will customize your treatment accordingly. Dr. Diacoloukas also provides conservative treatment methods; he aims to minimize damage to the natural teeth to enhance patients’ smiles. Fee-for-service is a part of concierge dentistry. Patients do not need to worry about looking for a dentist that takes their dental insurance, and we do not have to settle for limiting our dental treatment. (We will, however, take care of the billing to your dental insurance so you can get the maximum benefit from your insurance company. )

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design utilizes images and measurements of the smile to plan aesthetic and restorative treatment effectively. We can create a mockup of the smile so you can see your planned results. In his office, Dr. Diacoloukas will examine the smile and then takes digital scans, measurements, and photos to accurately capture your facial structure, lips, occlusion, and other factors that affect your smile.

Using digital software, Dr Peter Diacoloukas, with the help of Friendship Dental Lab, will ensure that the smile design has even measurements to create a balanced smile. Then, they create digital mockups and overlay the digital design into the smile photograph to create a smile preview. After two weeks, you will return to try on thin models that cover each tooth, mimicking the shape and color of the treated teeth. We will take pictures before and after these models are on the teeth so that you can see the difference in your smile. Once these are finalized, Friendship Dental Lab uses these models to make temporary teeth. With digital smile design, you can “try on” your new smile in our office to know what to expect after you complete treatment. 

There are many benefits to digital smile design in our office: 

  • Custom Treatment: Digital smile design is customized to your specific needs so that you will be satisfied with your results!
  • Improved Confidence: Many patients who receive treatment using digital smile design feel more confident in their smiles following treatment. 
  • Predictability: You can see what your smile will look like following treatment before it is complete. 

Our office also utilizes state-of-the-art CBCT 3D X-ray machines and intraoral scanners to plan treatment accurately. With modern CBCT X-rays, we can view the teeth, gums, and jaw to diagnose problems like impacted teeth, TMD, cavities, infected dental pulp, and more. CBCT 3D X-ray machines help us see dental problems we cannot see with a visual exam. Additionally, because these X-rays are digital, we can save and share them with dental laboratories and oral surgeons.

Digital scanners are additional tools we utilize to take images of the smile. We can efficiently use a handheld scanner to create a  three-dimensional digital image of the smile. With these scans, we can create models of the teeth and offer predictable, custom results for our patients. 

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