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Digital Smile Makeovers

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Are You Ready For A Smile Makeover?

When a patient wants to change the appearance of their smile, Dr. Diacoloukas and his team will begin the Smile Design Process. Our Smile Design procedure is one of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide to the public in Towson, Maryland. Using the latest in scanning technology and high-end materials and techniques, Dr. Diacoloukas is able to transform even those smiles that are most in need of restoration. 

Styles Of Smiles

Smile makeover options in Towson MD

The Smile Design Process

The Smile Design Process

        Example case

Step One

Meet The Patient

This patient experienced years of uncontrolled gastric reflux.

The acid slowly ate away his enamel and this, couple with severe grinding, caused the patient to suffer tremendously. 

He received four dental crowns years ago, which were not affected by the acid. However, all of his natural teeth were slowly deteriorating. The patient had developed severe jaw pain because of his uneven bite.

These photos show the initial condition of his smile. 

        Modern digital dental care

Step Two

Scan & Mock-Up

Before and after smile design

The patient came in and photographs were taken of his smile. Digital scans were taken of all of his teeth, and a mockup of the case was presented. Once the patient accepted the smile design, one long appointment was scheduled in order to prepare all his teeth and place temporaries in order to allow him to test out his new bite. 

digital dental scan



        digital scan of mouth

Step Three

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions were begun without any "goop"! Instead of traditional impressions, Dr. Diacoloukas utilizes a Trios 4 intraoral scanner. 

Digital dental impression number one Digital dental impression number two

After allowing his mouth to adjust to his new teeth, the patient noted that the pain he experienced in his TMJ joints had dissipated. 

The patient scheduled an appointment for all restorations to be permanently cemented.




Final Results

A Brand New Smile

Final smile design results

As you can see, we achieved amazing results with this restoration. 

The patient was very happy with the results. Digital software makes it possible to predict and achieve results.

Before and after the smile design process at Love Your New Smile

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