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Same Day DenturesTowson, MD

We place immediate or same-day dentures during the same visit as a tooth extraction. After patients lose their permanent teeth, they can also lose their remaining bone structure. Most bone loss occurs within one year of tooth loss. It is ideal for patients to replace their missing teeth within that time frame, which is why same-day dentures can be a great option for patients who need to restore their smiles.

Dr. Peter Diacoloukas provides expert preparation and treatment for same-day dentures in his Towson, MD office. Working with his family dental laboratory, Friendship Dental Lab, he can offer convenient treatment and immediate restorations for patients who need to replace their missing teeth. Our same-day denture treatment is one of the restorative dentistry treatments we provide to patients in and around Towson, Maryland.

Same Day Dentures in Towson MD

Preparing for Same-Day Dentures with Digital Dentistry

Dr. Diacoloukas will take digital X-rays to plan dentures and other restorations accurately. Digital X-rays give him a full image of the smile, including the jaw, bone tissue, and missing and remaining teeth. With this complete image, he can determine if patients are candidates for treatments like same-day dentures. Dr. Diacoloukas also works with Friendship Dental Lab, where he has been a resident dentist for years. Same-day dentures prevent a large time gap between extracting and restoring missing teeth. Treatment with immediate dentures also:

  • Reduces bleeding during healing
  • Prevents jaw bone loss
  • Improves self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Protects the extraction sites

When you receive your same-day dentures, you can eat and speak, getting accustomed to dentures before receiving your permanent replacement teeth. Dr. Diacoloukas will ensure your dentures fit, feel, and look great. 

Same Day Dentures in Towson, MD

Dr. Diacoloukas will take a bite impression at your first visit if you are receiving a partial denture. He will extract the teeth and then take an impression if you receive a complete denture. When Dr. Diacoloukas extracts teeth, he will focus on removing the teeth in the back of the mouth before moving to the front. This ensures that the gum tissue has healed in these areas before placing the temporary dentures.

Once the immediate dentures are complete, Dr. Diacoloukas will extract the front or anterior teeth as needed and then place the immediate dentures. The healing process can take four to six months. Once the teeth are fully healed, Dr. Diacoloukas will find the right shade for your restoration.

Dr. Diacoloukas will also take impressions if you require a complete denture. You will wear the immediate dentures for four to six months until the permanent dentures are completed. The permanent dentures will provide a more precise fit.

Am I a Candidate for Same Day Dentures?

Patients with multiple missing teeth who have severely damaged or decayed teeth remaining benefit from same-day dentures. We can remove problem teeth and restore the appearance of teeth without a waiting period. While we can perform the surgery in one day, it may take four visits to complete treatment. Careful pre-planning goes into immediate denture treatment. Ultimately, same-day dentures can protect the gums and extraction sites while improving patients’ confidence in their smiles.

Receive Your New Smile

Contact Dr. Diacoloukas for restorative care with denture treatment today at 443-282-3641. You may also request a dental appointment with Dr. Diacoloukas online. Please let him know if you have questions about immediate dentures; he will gladly assist you.