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Towson, MD, Dentist FAQs

Patient education is an important part of our practice. Dr. Peter Diacoloukas wants his dental patients to understand how to care for their smiles at home and their options for care in his office. Here, we will answer common dental FAQs that patients have for Dr. Diacoloukas and his dental office in Towson, MD. For more information on our dental office and patient information, please visit For Patients.

Dental Health FAQs in Towson, MD

Dental FAQs in Towson, MD

Read answers to common questions many patients have about their oral health: 

How can I improve my oral hygiene routine?

Brushing twice daily is one of the best ways to improve your hygiene routine and oral health. You should also floss at least once a day to remove bacteria and food debris that can hide between teeth. Flossing before brushing can also create a better clean. You can also replace your toothbrush every three to four months to prevent bacterial buildup on the bristles. Over time, the bristles can wear down and lose their effectiveness. Visiting the dentist regularly also helps keep your oral health in check.

How can I visit the dentist if I have anxiety?

If you have dental anxiety or fear, contact our office before your visit. We can make accommodations to ensure that you feel comfortable during your care. For more routine care, we welcome you to bring a loved one and music to listen to during your visit. Dr. Diacoloukas and his staff understand that visiting the dentist can be difficult for some patients. Their gentle yet comprehensive approach to care will ensure you receive the care you need comfortably.

Can I visit the dentist if I’m pregnant?

It is safe for pregnant women to visit the dentist. We recommend that pregnant women visit the dentist for cleanings, as hormone changes can increase their risk of developing gum disease. While it may be more difficult for women in later trimesters to lie down in the dental chair, it is still safe for pregnant women to receive routine care. 

Can I replace all of my missing teeth?

Patients can restore all of their lost teeth with our restorative treatments. We recommend implant-secured restorations for patients missing rows or full arches of teeth. While the dental implants themselves will not replace every single missing tooth, multiple implants can secure a full tooth arch. 

Why are regular dental visits important?

 At routine dental visits, our team examines your smile for signs of emerging dental problems like gum disease, impacted teeth, tooth decay and oral cancer. We can catch early signs of dental issues if you visit our office regularly. Our hygienists can also thoroughly clean the smile using professional dental tools and techniques. We can remove tartar or calculus in our office much easily with our cleaning methods and tools.

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