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Tooth Extraction Towson, MD

Tooth decay, impacted teeth, and overcrowding are common reasons for dental extractions. While many patients may avoid treatment requiring extraction due to a fear of pain, Dr. Peter Diacoloukas ensures patients are comfortable throughout the extraction procedure. Receiving a tooth extraction in our Towson, MD office can prevent future dental problems and complications, including crooked, damaged, or decayed teeth. Tooth extractions are one of the general dentistry services we provide to patients in Towson, Maryland. 

Tooth Extraction in Towson, MD

Tooth Extraction Treatment in Towson, MD

Dental extractions are often categorized as simple or complex. We numb the area with an anesthetic and remove teeth above the gum line during a simple extraction. Complex extractions remove teeth at or below the gum line. These extractions may require sedation because they require more time.

Extractions are also a part of restorative dental treatment. Dr. Diacoloukas can provide immediate dentures for patients if they require treatment for multiple missing teeth but need teeth removed. He will place a temporary denture after tooth extraction until patients are fully healed. Then, he will remove the temporary denture and place the permanent denture. 

Post-Op Tooth Extraction Tips

After your tooth extraction, keep gauze at the extraction site. Blood clots should form at the extraction sites to protect the tooth’s nerves. If this blood clot is dislodged, you can experience dry socket, creating intense pain and discomfort. Please get in touch with us if you experience dry socket, and we will help treat your pain. We recommend following a soft diet several days after the procedure to minimize pressure on or surrounding the extraction sites. After several days, you can reintroduce more normal foods; the extraction sites will fully heal after several weeks.

When Do You Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth that emerge in the mouth. These teeth grow behind the back molars. If there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow, they become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can dig into adjacent teeth and lead to overcrowding. When patients feel their wisdom teeth emerge, they may feel pain behind their molars. We recommend that patients contact our office so we can examine their smiles and schedule an extraction. 

Create a Healthier Smile

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