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Porcelain Veneers Towson, MD

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain or resin that cover the front of teeth. Veneers can change teeth’s shape, color, and orientation, addressing problems like discolored teeth, chips or cracks, stained teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, or gaps between teeth. Veneers solely treat teeth in the smile line or the teeth that show when you smile. Dr. Peter Diacoloukas collaborates with patients to provide custom porcelain veneers in Towson, MD. Dr. Diacoloukas also provides additional cosmetic dentistry treatments to patients in Towson, Baltimore County.

Before and after a porcelain veneers treatment

Porcelain Veneers in Towson, MD

Dental veneers are cosmetic treatments that may use resin or porcelain materials. However, we recommend porcelain over resin because it offers a more natural appearance. Veneers are also a conservative treatment option. Before creating veneers, Dr. Diacoloukas will etch into the enamel to prepare the teeth. Because veneers are about 1 mm thick, teeth require preparation. Tooth preparation ensures the veneers do not feel or look bulkier than natural teeth.

Dr. Diacoloukas then takes dental impressions of the teeth and sends these impressions to a dental lab. Dr. Diacoloukas works with Friendship Dental Labs, his family-owned dental laboratory, to create custom-made veneers. He will provide temporary veneers during this time. After you receive your temporary veneers, avoid tough, chewy, crunchy, or hard foods because they can loosen or break.

Once the veneers are complete, Dr. Diacoloukas ensures they are the correct shape and shade before permanently placing them on the teeth. While permanent veneers are more durable, we recommend that patients avoid highly tough or hard foods and staining foods or drinks.

Tobacco products can also stain veneers and natural teeth, which is why patients should avoid smoking, vaping, or using products containing tobacco following veneer treatment. 

FAQs: Dental Veneers 

Learn more about dental veneers with answers to these commonly asked questions: 

How long do dental veneers last?

Dental veneers can last ten or more years with the right care. Caring for veneers by brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly ensures they will last. A good oral hygiene and routine dental care also ensure that veneers stay bright. 

Do dental veneers look natural?

Yes, dental veneers look natural because they are made of tooth-colored materials. We color-match veneers to blend in with other teeth in the smile line. Dental impressions also ensure that the veneers match the shape and size of natural teeth. Even if patients have a single veneer, it will match their adjacent teeth in their smile line. 

Can you whiten veneers?

You cannot whiten dental veneers because they are made of porcelain materials. Like other cosmetic or restorative treatments, veneers do not react to whitening treatment. However, veneers can brighten dull or discolored teeth. Dental veneers also benefit patients with tetracycline stains.

Enhance Your Natural Smile

Create a brighter and straighter smile with dental veneers. Contact Dr. Diacoloukas for treatment today at 443-282-3641. You can also request a dental appointment with Dr. Diacoloukas online. If you are unsure if veneers are the right cosmetic treatment for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Diacoloukas. He will help you find the right treatment for your oral health needs.